Best way to light a Bonfire on the Beach.

Is there anything better than sitting back and enjoying a crackling fire on the beach? Here is some top tips when lighting a fire with the Blazaball. Video Below

  1. Pick your spot. Some beaches have pre-built fire pits, if your not that lucky then don’t worry! Make sure you are far away from any dunes and combustible material. Always check your tide line and make sure you are above the high tide mark. Please Note: Not all beaches allow wild fires so remember to always check before. 
  2. Dig a firepit. To protect your fire you want to make sure you have protection from the elements. Dig a hole around 1 foot deep, this is for the base of your fire and will protect it from the wind. If you are on a rocky beach and this is not possible you are best building a circle of rocks around 1 food high to offer the same protection.
  3. Its time to set up your fire. Gather dry wood from the beach. Driftwood is great but make sure its below 20% in moisture to allow for a clean burn. If you burn wet wood you will have a smoky fire and it will struggle to get going.
  4. Fire in the Hole! Place your fire lighters inside the Blazaball Cage. Rotate the two sides clockwise until they lock into position. Light the fire lighters and pile your wood on top. Watch the fire take off, it’s that easy!

The Blazaball is the best way to ensure that your firelighter doesn’t suffocate. It allows the firelighter to burn for longer and hotter making your life easy. The only thing you now need to worry about is cracking open that beer and supplying the kids with marshmallows… Enjoy. Oh its a good life!

Too Easy!