Hunter Gatherer Cooking – 2020 Awards

Blazaball are very happy to announce that we have been selected in the Hunter Gatherer Cooking Awards for 2020 Cooking Products.

The Hunter Gatherer Cooking Company is all about looking for new and exciting good quality honest food and Cooking products. With many years in the food and cooking industry ‘The Hunter’ is able to source and find the best products and produce in the UK.

He always looks for food and products that have been produced ethically. The love for animals is clear as he always looks for them to be treated with respect making sure they live in good conditions, fed the right food and cared for with love.

The modern person now doesn’t need to venture into the wilderness with products and good food available online and in stores, The Hunter Gatherer has a modern take on this old tradition. ‘Hunting’ down food is discovering where we can get our food from and how good the food is when we do strike gold. It could be a supermarket, farm shop, Online food store or even something they find or raised themselves. The best thing about it all is that the Hunter Gatherer does all of the hard work for us! Producing amazing Blogs and Videos discussing his favourite finds and working in partnership with these company’s to offer his audience great food, products and discounts through his adventures and relationships with people in the industry.


Every Year The Hunter Gatherer Cooking channel holds awards for all company’s in the Food and Cooking Industry. This year Blazaball has been awarded ‘Best Barbecue Gadget’ in the BBQ Section alongside many household BBQ Names.