Its Getting Cold!

Get Organised for Winter with a Blazaball

With the nights getting colder and colder every day its time to start lighting your fire. Weather it is your Wood/Multifuel Stove, Open fire or outside fire pit. You will agree the fire is the warm heart of your home at this time of year bringing your family together.

The Blazaball makes lighting your fire easier than ever taking away the hassle of kindling and smoky backdrafts in the cold weather. Creating a protective barrier for your firelighter allows you to pile your wood or coal directly on top of the Blazaball. This makes fire lighting covenant for all the family leaving no excuses for ‘not knowing how to do it’.

The Blazaball creates instant heat which is perfect for cold chimneys. At this time of year people often have the issue of smoke pushing back into the room on initial light up. This is due to a cold chimney cooling down the smoke and creating a smoke blockage. The Blazaball allows the air to circulate around the firelighter meaning that the fire is established a lot faster than normal, because of this it allows the chimney to warm up quickly and prevents backdraft into the room.

The Blazaball is a great winter accessory perfect for lighting the frosty BBQ during the day and the cosy Fire at Night. Make it easy this winter and take advantage of Free Delivery. Order Yours Now