UK BBQ Review

Recently Blazaball (UK) gifted a new Blazaball to Marcus and Artust at ‘UK BBQ Review’ part of CountryWoodSmoke. The team at ‘UK BBQ Reviews’ have been reviewing and testing barbeque grills and accessories for over 9 years. They have become one of the UK’s most trusted barbeque review teams, educating and demonstrating new products that are available in the UK. They have even gone as fair as writing their own range of BBQ Books with tips and recipes for grillers at all levels.

The team is entitled to make their own comments and opinions with all the products they test out. This gives BBQ lovers the chance to get other opinions on how the products preforms. This allows many people to purchase products in complete confidence.

We have included a promo code exclusive to UK BBQ Reviews/CountryWoodSmoke offering Blazaball Discounts. This Promo Code can be found in the Review Below.

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